In Chernivtsi drunk driver opened fire during the arrest after an accident

В Черновцах пьяный водитель открыл огонь при задержании после ДТП

The man was detained by a COP, who in his spare time appeared on the scene

A patrol officer who was off duty, attempted to detain a drunken driver who threatened him with a gun.

In Chernivtsi drunk driver fired at the patrol, trying to escape after the accident. It is reported by the patrol police of the city.

As reported, on the eve of one of the streets of the city Mitsubishi at high speed flew off the road on a curve and crashed into the window of a lottery institution.

The accident saw a couple of police officers who were not on duty. Husband, inspector of the first company of the police patrol, went to the driver and saw that he was running away from the scene of the accident. The policeman warned him not to do it that the driver got the gun and reloaded it.

The inspector tried to disarm the driver, at the moment when apply the skills of unarmed combat, he shot into the air. The gun was knocked out of the hands of the driver, witnesses who ran to the aid of the patrol. His wife at that time called an ambulance and the police.

Later the driver was tested for alcohol. Examination showed of 0.73 ppm. He was detained and transferred is investigative-task force.

Yesterday it was reported that in Odessa the drunk man opened fire outside his home saw a car with three men who were waiting for his neighbor.


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