In Chernobyl can build solar power station

В Чернобыле могут построить солнечную станцию

In Ukraine, the highest tariffs for green electricity.

Ukraine is negotiating with one of the largest companies of France Engie SA on the construction of a huge solar power plant, worth 1.25 billion dollars in the exclusion zone, according to Bloomberg.

The French company is studying a preliminary economic / technical study of the project.

“The French experience in the nuclear power industry is one of the reasons why we would like to work with the French company”, – said the Minister of ecology of Ukraine Ostap Semerak.

He added that the French company appealed to the Ukrainian government after it announced its intention to develop renewable energy sources at Chernobyl.

In Engie SA confirmed that the company is negotiating with Ukraine, but refused to talk about the size of the project. According to Semerak, now about 60 companies interested in the implementation of projects in the exclusion zone.

The publication notes that today in Ukraine, the highest tariffs for green electricity. Kilowatt hour costs 15 cents, while in most countries on the continent the price does not exceed 8.6 cents.

“It’s a good reward, but perhaps not so good if to take into account all the risks in the country. Ukraine has good solar radiation, but also too low investor confidence and the excessive cost of the projects,” commented lead analyst at BNEF, Peter Radoja.

We will remind, in the Chinese province of Shanxi started to operate the solar power plant in the form of a Panda.