In China accused Apple of violating the law in the production of iPhone

В Китае обвинили Apple в нарушении закона при производстве iPhone

The human rights organization found violations of labor laws on the part of Apple at the factory in Zhengzhou.

The American Corporation Apple and its partner Foxconn violated the labor law in China is due to the large number of temporary employees at the world’s largest factory for the production of the iPhone. On Monday, September 9, reports Bloomberg with reference to the report of the human rights organization China Labor Watch (CLW).

Provided that for the purpose of conducting investigations of employees of the organization, which analyzes working conditions in Chinese factories, working on the Foxxconn factory in Zhengzhou in Henan province under the cover. While one of them stayed there for four years.

As a result, they found out that the number of temporary employees in August 2019, 50% of the total number of staff. However, according to Chinese law, the maximum allowable standard is 10%. The organization said they also found other cases of labor law violations on the part of Apple.

In turn, Apple released a statement which said that after investigation, the company found that “the percentage of temporary employees exceed our standards” and that it “is working closely with Foxconn to resolve this problem.”

In the number of temporary workers is composed of students who passed the internship ended in late August. Now the overall rate of temporary employees is about 30%, but it is still a violation of the law, says CLW.

Temporary employees are not entitled to paid sick leave, vacation and insurance. Although their wages may be higher than usual, they get it from third party companies, and Foxconn does not employ them directly.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump said that Apple should leave China and move production equipment on American soil.

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