In China bred genetically modified cloned dog

В Китае выведена генно-модифицированная клонированная собака

In China brought genetically modified cloned a Beagle dog

Animal is the first in the world, appeared in a similar way.

Chinese scientists from the company Sinogene brought the world’s first genetically modified cloned dog of the Beagle breed. The animal was given the nickname LUN LUN, as reported on the official website of the company.

“LUN LUN is the first cloned from somatic cells of the dog in China and the first cloned dog in the world, derived by the method of gene knockout”, – stated in the message text.

It is reported that China became the second country in the world to master the technology of cloning from somatic cells. The first is South Korea.

It is known that dogs are among several mammals, the cloning of which is associated with a special kind of difficulties.

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