In China developed a new type of quantum memory

В Китае разработали новый вид квантовой памяти

China is actively working in the field of quantum physics

A new achievement is of great importance for the development of quantum networks and quantum computers.

Chinese University of science and technology in Hefei has developed a unique quantum memory, i.e. a device perspective remote quantum communication. It is reported by Xinhua on Tuesday, September 11.

New storage device is called a multiplex solid-state quantum memory with multiple degrees of freedom.

Now the distance at which it is reliably carry out quantum teleportation of a photon was limited to a hundred kilometers. The option of using the device for the storage of quantum information will provide a quantum communication to longer distance.

A group of physicists under the leadership of Lee Chuanfan in recent years doing research in the development of quantum memory. The team successfully created a memory with multiple degrees of freedom with the ability to work in 12 modes.

The results of the experiment show that all memory operations of three-dimensional quantum States of photons maintain the accuracy of approximately 89%.

A new achievement, according to experts, not only of great importance for the development of quantum networks and quantum computers, but also will find application in the field of linear optical quantum computing.

Previously, China has carried out the world’s first quantum relay of satellite data. The signal from the satellite Mo-Tzu was obtained at two ground stations to Xinglong in Hebei province and Nanshan near Urumqi in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region.

Also in China scientists made the first quantum teleportation by sending the object from the Earth to the satellite.

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