In China found the remains of ancient giants

В Китае найдены останки древних людей-великанов

The growth of the ancient people of China exceed 1.9 metres

The growth of the local inhabitants of that time exceeded 1.9 m.

In China archaeologists have discovered the remains of ancient giants, whose growth exceeded 1.9 m. They lived in this area about five thousand years ago, reports Moneycontrol.

According to assumptions of researchers, extracted from under the ground the remains belong to representatives of the Neolithic Longshan, once inhabiting the basin of the yellow river.

Experts believe that during the life of the people was even higher. But their physique is due to the presence of abundant food sources to which they had access.

Comfortable living conditions are also indicative of the structure of dwellings of the period. In them, scientists discovered a separate bedroom, as well as other specialized facilities.

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