In Coloma tumbled down the crosses to the Polish cemetery

В Коломые повалили кресты на польском кладбище

The fallen crosses in the Polish cemetery in Coloma

Unknown persons threw dozens of new memorable characters of the Polish soldiers at a cemetery in Coloma Ivano-Frankivsk region.

In Ivano-Frankivsk region, unidentified persons desecrated a concrete crosses in the cemetery in Coloma, where is buried the Polish prisoners of the period of the Polish-Ukrainian war of 1918. On Thursday, November 8, according to Polish radio.

According to witnesses, on October 27, the cemetery was established 200 new consecrated crosses.

“On the night of 4 into 5 November, unknown persons threw dozens of new memorable characters of the Polish soldiers. Some of them broke. Representatives of the Polish organizations reported the vandalism to the police and the security Service of Ukraine”, – writes the edition.

Noted that the city of Kolomyia already resumed part of the crosses and carried out works on improvement.

In this case the Polish community of Coloma stressed that inter-religious or inter-ethnic conflicts in the city. Local assume that the destruction of the Polish graves can be provocation.



In a press-service of regional management of police has informed that upon incident the criminal proceedings under article hooliganism committed with gross violation of public order based on obvious disrespect for society, accompanied by special impudence or exclusive cynicism.

Now police officers hold events for establishment of persons, involved in the crime and bring them to justice.

Earlier in the network published the footage of street observations, which is visible vandal, painted a swastika monument to the border guards.

It was also reported that on one of the city’s cemeteries Kharkov the priest went on a jeep on the graves and damaged several gravestones.

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