In Crimea, arrested the lawyer Kubedinova for the post 2013

В Крыму арестовали адвоката Курбединова за пост 2013 года

Emil Kubedinova planted five days

Lawyer of Ukrainian sailors was put on five days per post in the social network, published five years ago, when the Peninsula acting Ukrainian legislation.

In Simferopol on Friday, December 7, the so-called “court” sentenced a lawyer Emil Kubedinova defending the captured Ukrainian mourachov, Interfax reported.

The lawyer was taken into custody for five days on charges of public display of symbols of banned in Russia, the Crimean Tatar Hizb ut-Tahrir.

The reason for the persecution lawyer was his post in Facebook for 2013.

The defense reminded the court that in 2013 in the Crimea “acted the jurisdiction of Ukraine, where there is no ban on this symbolism, accordingly, there is no direct intent in the Commission of the offense”.

Kubedinova interests in court were represented by six lawyers and as many public defenders. They said 33 of the petition, the judge rejected almost everything, including a motion to dismiss the administrative case with the expiry of the limitation period.

Earlier it was reported that in the Crimea, captured the well-known lawyer Emil Kubedinova.

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