In Crimea detained participants of pickets

В Крыму задержали участников одиночных пикетов

Detention in Crimea

On the Peninsula passed the detention of the Crimean Tatars who participated in single pickets about three months ago. Now activists awaiting trial, where they want to accuse of distribution of extremist information.

This morning, January 18, in Crimea, people in masks detained two Crimean Tatar activists, members of pickets 14 Oct 2017 Giray Kemal Kulametov and Seitalieva. About this Facebook informs the public Association of Crimean solidarity.

As noted, law enforcement officers also raided the homes of activists in the city Old Crimea and Belogorsk.

It is reported that during the first search of the house Kulametov seized a computer.

“They took the phones from the occupants of the house, withdrew the processor inside the house and on the street a large number of people in masks. The entrance to the house surrounded by security forces. To home customized paddy wagon. Women and children raised in the attic of a house”, – stated in the message.

Soon it became known about the arrest today over it needs to be a trial.

It and Seitalieva, who was also taken to court, they want to accuse of distribution of extremist information in social networks.

Recall, 14 October 2017 in the annexed Crimea held a series of pickets against the repression of security forces against the Crimean Tatars, Muslims.

Participants of pickets 18 Dec fined 650 thousand rubles (approximately 285 thousand UAH).