In Crimea, expect a million tourists from Ukraine

В Крыму ждут миллион туристов из Украины

In Russia argue that the number of tourists in Crimea growing

Tourist flow to Crimea from the beginning of the year increased by 28% to 4.3 million. Among them are allegedly 800 tourists from Ukraine, according to the Federal tourism Agency.

In the annexed Crimea by the end of 2018, the expected growth of tourist flow from Ukraine to one million people. It said “the Minister of resorts and tourism” of the Crimea Vadim Volchenko, reports TASS on Saturday, August 18.

“Judging by the trends, Yes, said he, answering the journalists’ question, whether the Crimea for the year make a million tourists from Ukraine. – The flow of tourists to Crimea grows, including from Ukraine. There has always been a welcome Ukrainian tourists.”

According to him, the Ukrainian authorities to “mend some obstacles” to their citizens who go on holiday in the Crimea.

“But that does not stop thousands of tourists from Ukraine to rest in the Crimea”, – said Volchenko.

The head of the Federal tourism Agency Oleg Safonov said that the tourist flow to Crimea from the beginning of the year allegedly increased by 28% to 4.3 million. Among them the Russian officials counted 800 thousand tourists from Ukraine.

In Russia, attributed the rise in tourist flow to the Peninsula with the launch of the Crimean bridge, enter a new terminal of the Simferopol airport, good weather and lower prices in hotels. It is expected that this year the number of tourists in Crimea is expected to grow to 6 million people.

Earlier in the Crimea said the reasons for the failure of the holiday season in 2017: cold weather, high prices for air travel and inadequate tourist services. Despite this, the Russian authorities have counted last year, 5.4 million tourists.

Also soobshaet that in 2018, the Crimea cancelled the introduction of a resort fee, hoping to “more pronounced effect” in a year.

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