In Crimea, found the skeleton of an ancient whale

В Крыму нашли скелет древнего кита

Fragments of the skeleton of a whale

The ancient whale, whose skeleton is now studied, increased by almost five meters. He lived in the Sarmatian sea.

On the Kerch Peninsula in the Crimea, scientists have discovered the fossilized skeletal remains of a whale, which is about 10 million years. This was reported on the website of the Crimean bridge on Friday, August 17.

Fragments of the whale skeleton – spine and ribs – has been found in the course of archaeological investigations preceding the construction of the railway-approach to the Crimean bridge.

It is noted that the discovery is a great success for paleontologists. Its main value is that it is an articulated skeleton of an ancient whale. The cranial bones are not preserved, but fully represented the spine, from thoracic to tail.

Fossils lies at a shallow depth – about one meter from the earth’s surface. Experts-paleontologists believe that they belong to the ancient Keith Citterio ancestor of modern baleen whales, reaching a length of over 30 meters. In the early stages of development, these mammals were smaller.

“Ancient whale, whose skeleton is now studied, increased by almost five meters. He lived in the Sarmatian sea occupied, including the territory of modern Kerch Peninsula”, – stated in the message.

Over time, where there was the sea, formed by land. Was raising of geological layers, and the skeleton of a whale was on the hill, although earlier he was lying on the bottom.

Fragments of the skeleton will study and prepare for exhibiting in the Museum in the Crimea.

Earlier it was reported that during construction of Crimean bridge was found about a million archaeological finds, some were recognized as artifacts.

We will remind, in the Crimea, near Bakhchisaray archaeological expedition discovered in the construction zone of the highway Tauris mass burial of people without heads, presumably Dating back to the X-XII centuries.

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