In Crimea Tatar of Sarangi was given 10 years in prison

В Крыму татарину Саганджи дали 10 лет тюрьмы

The court sentenced the Crimean Tatar Sarangi to 10.5 years in prison

Crimean Tatar was accused of participation in “an illegal armed formation acting against the interests of Russia”.

Court annexed Crimea condemned Crimean Tatar Fevzi Sarangi of 10.5 years in prison for alleged participation in the battalion Asker. It is reported by the Association of the Crimean human rights group in Facebook.

“Today, 14 may 2019, the Board of judges of the Supreme court of the Crimea under the leadership of “judges” Oleg Swan upheld the verdict of the Crimean Tatar Fevzi of Sarangi. He received 10 years and six months imprisonment for allegedly participating in the battalion” Asker”, – stated in the message.

Judge “of the Leninsky district court” Ivan Udut made this decision on 26 January this year. In the judgement there is information that at the court hearing on the case of Sarangi said about torture.

In particular, the Crimean Tatar reported that in October of 2017 the FSB he was beaten and was forced under torture to sign some documents. He was arrested in April 2018 and accused of “participation in an illegal armed formation acting against the interests of Russia in the territory of a foreign state.” The guilt of Sugandi not admitted in court, he denied his involvement in the battalion.

Recall, the security forces came to search a mosque in a village Assault near Sevastopol. According to them, after searches in the mosque, the security forces began to search the house of Imam Rustem Abileva.

Recall, March 27, in the Crimea, was searched, at least 25 homes of Crimean Tatars, including members of the public Association of Crimean solidarity. All were arrested 20 people, they were taken to the FSB in Simferopol.

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