In Crimea, the Black sea became yellow

В Крыму Черное море стало желтым

Black sea turned yellow

This natural phenomenon is rare for the Peninsula, but it is not dangerous, the media are writing.

In Crimea, the Black sea turned yellow. This was reported by journalist Yuri Juhansone and published the corresponding photos.

“Yes, friends, today I witnessed a rare event. What I will show you now, and I see for the first time. The impression that the famous “Yellow river” the yellow river is now falling into the Black sea. And now it’s not Black, but Yellow. Don’t believe? Now see for yourself..” – he wrote.

However local media reports that this natural phenomenon is rare for Peninsula during inclement weather, but is not dangerous. Water had stained the sand, rising from the bottom and other trace elements.

Earlier in the Kharkiv region Roganka the river turned white because of phosphates and ammonium salts.