In Crimea, the political prisoner Vladimir Baluku was summoned to the chamber ambulance

В Крыму политзаключенному Владимиру Балуху вызывали в камеру скорую помощь

Mr Baluch

On the morning of 28 December in the occupied Crimea to the Ukrainian activist Volodymyr Baluku in the cell called an ambulance. This was reported by the activist’s wife Natallia Baluch, reports “Crimean human rights group”.

Baluch currently in the detention center in the village. Razdol’noye. According to the wife of Baloha, the doctor who examined Vladimir, not diagnosed, not given any documents confirming his visit, however, has prescribed a list of medicines, which was later transferred to his wife.

Natalia Baluch medicines bought today handed the duty of the insulator.

Among the doctor prescribed drugs is antibiotics, rhinitis and coughing, as well as tablets for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

In the end, Vladimir these drugs is currently unknown. Natalia baloh reported that last time saw Vladimir at the court session on December 27.

“To communicate we were not given. It looks painful and lost weight,” — said the wife of Vladimir Baloga.

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Recall, December 27, in the so-called “Razdolnensky district court” of the Crimea held a hearing on the extension of remand in custody for the Ukrainian activist Volodymyr Baluja. The court of Baluja brought from the detention center of Simferopol.
Judge Alexander Abelyashev left the Crimea in custody until February 5, 2017. Earlier, the same judge elected Ukrainian the measure to January 6, 2017.

Earlier, Mr Baloch said that he urgently needed medical care. He has chronic bronchitis, and in a crowded jail cell the disease worsened. Now in the cell that contains Baluch, 34 people in 14 beds.

As previously reported, the FSB raided the homes of Baloha and his mother once on the facade of his house there was a plate with the naming of the street “Street heroes of the Celestial hundreds”.

14 Dec Vladimir Baluku in the Crimea, was charged with illegal purchase and possession of ammunition.