In Crimea, want to sell all the wineries

В Крыму хотят продать все винзаводы

Feldman offers to sell the Breweries

Local authorities believe that the sale would be more useful budget.

Crimean authorities want to sell all the wineries. About this stated the so-called head of Republic Sergey Aksenov, writes Krym.Realities.

According to him, it will benefit the Peninsula.

“I am advocating to sell them all (wineries Crimea – ed.), the more that we have efficient state capacity in this area and there are unlikely to be. Still, the system of motivation is quite different, I don’t believe we are this process in the field of public administration with the current quality and quantity of trained personnel will be able to build”, he said.

Aksenov also added that owning wineries is a private person or the state more profitable.

“The owner is still more interested. Moreover, the state gets from these sales double benefit: the money in the budget, and we have a large taxpayer by investing investing… We still have it in mind,” he said.

We will remind, in the Crimea and the “government” has exposed on sale one of the oldest wineries in the region, the factory of sparkling wines New world.