In Croatia, officials from the Ministry of defence was accused of corruption because of the contract with Ukraine – source

В Хорватии чиновника из Минобороны обвинили в коррупции из-за контракта с Украиной, - источник

Croatia was accused of corruption the officer who bribes allegedly contributed to the production of “UkrSpetsExport” agreement on renewal of military aircraft. About this reports Deutsche Welle.

Croatian anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office on Friday, December 30, filed charges of two individuals, including officials from the Ministry of defence of the country, taking bribes in connection with a contract to upgrade military aircraft.

According to prosecutors, the official demanded from the two foreign firms bribe, promising them “an advantage in obtaining the contract on capital repairs and purchase of additional MiG-21 aircraft”. One of the companies refused to pay a bribe of 50 thousand Euro. A second suspect – a citizen of Croatia, who was represented by another company, gave the officials less than 10 thousand euros in January and February 2016.

According to Croatian media, the deal is worth 17 million euros for the modernization and purchase of the MiG-21 was concluded with the Ukrainian state enterprise “UkrSpetsExport” in 2013. Croatia, which since 2009 is a member of NATO, made a major overhaul of seven old aircraft and purchased five new ones. However, when the aircraft were delivered in 2015, it turned out that they had technical problems and was old, than stated in the accompanying documents.