In Davos journalist in the embroidery tried to provoke Poroshenko

В Давосе журналистка в вышиванке пыталась провоцировать Порошенко

The journalist in embroidery asked the Russian President, the question: “Why have you adopted the law about the war?”. The President refused to answer, while the question does not sound Ukrainian.

At the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland there was a provocation presumably from the Russian media. On Thursday, January 25, according to TSN.

So, the journalist in embroidery and microphone unmarked asked Russian President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the question: “Why have you adopted the law about the war?”.

Poroshenko reacted to her the embroidered chemise and advised to withdraw it, because it is traditional clothes of Ukrainians. He also noted that the answer to the question, if he sounded Ukrainian. What provokatorshu noted that the President “understands the Russian language”.

“I understand English, and the other. But answer the questions in Ukrainian,” said Poroshenko.

Further conversation was stopped by the security forces. The journalist, according to the rules of the forum, now you can withdraw the accreditation.

Recall, Petro Poroshenko paid an official visit to Davos to participate in the world economic forum on January 24-26.

On the first day of the forum the President of Ukraine met with the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, Vice-President of the European Commission on Energy Union maroš Šefčovič and the managing Director of the IMF Christine Lagarde.

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