In days fighters 22 times fired at positions of ATO forces near Mariupol, – the press officer

За сутки боевики 22 раза обстреляли позиции сил АТО вблизи Мариуполя, - пресс-офицер

For the last day in Mariupol direction was recorded 22 attacks by militants. About it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” reported the press officer of sector “Mariupol” Yaroslav Chepurnoy.

“For the past day the militants of the 22 times fired at our positions. However, the intensity of the fire was not very high. Shot from grenade launchers and machine guns, mortars caliber 82 mm four times fired at positions of our troops”, – he told.

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According to the press officer, the data of the OSCE mission about the shelling not always coincide with the information of the headquarters of the ATO. “They often don’t call a spade a spade, give evasive answers that shoot from both sides,” he said.

“Local residents, especially those who are on the frontline, help different international organizations is the Red Cross, and the Danish humanitarian mission,” he added.

As reported, in just the past day recorded 33 attacks.

Recall, the OSCE continues to capture a large number of violations of the ceasefire regime in the Donetsk region. The OSCE notes that more weapons are missing in the ground lease. Observers consistently report the use of weapons (often located in the middle of residential areas) on both sides of the line of contact.