In DND a few days lit mine

В ДНР несколько дней горит шахта

On mine there was a fire

The Komsomolets Donbassa mine is lit from December 21.

In the city of Kirov lit mine Komsomolets Donbassa. This was reported by the so-called Deputy head of control Center in crisis situations of the Ministry of emergency situations of the self-proclaimed DNR Vitaliy Zarubin.

The fire occurred on December 21 in the Northern development of the fourth conveyor longwall at the depth of 810 meters. In mine there were 911 people, from them 8 – on an emergency site. All the miners were quickly brought to the surface, dead and injured there.

“At the moment on mine Komsomolets Donbassa deployed command post for emergency response, raised five branches of the paramilitary mine rescue service of Ministry of emergency situations, 43 personnel”, – said Zarubin.

Currently active fire, sampling the mine atmosphere. The level of carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide) exceeds the permissible norm.

A long process of extinguishing the fire explain “the inaccessibility region of fire.”

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the mine enterprise Truckpol Wednesday, December 21, there was a collapse of rocks blocking in lava seven miners.

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