In Dnipropetrovsk found 500-killogramovy bomb

На Днепропетровщине нашли 500-киллограмовую бомбу

Bombs from the Second world neutralized fireworks

The bomb was destroyed by a controlled detonation. Additional explosive devices were found.

Near the village of Zarya in the Vasilkovsky district, Dnipropetrovsk region during the works found pyatisotmetrovuyu high-explosive bombs FAB-500 during the Second world war.

As reported in regional management of the DSNs, the bomb was discovered during excavation in an open area near the village. On a place of detection of bombs went rescue group of the Ministry.

“At 13.30 pyrotechnics seized the bomb and at 14.30 by a controlled detonation of it was destroyed. The scene is surveyed, additional explosive devices were found”, – stated in the message.

Earlier in the Kherson region have finished work on clearance of the ship with ammunition during the Second world war. According to rescuers, was brought to the surface 1 129 pieces of artillery projectiles of various calibers.


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