In Dnipropetrovsk region in a child with a disability stole the stroller

В Днепропетровской области у ребенка с инвалидностью украли коляску

In a child with a disability stole the stroller

The attackers stole from the stairwell of a multistory residential building in Nikopol stroller the child with disabilities.

In Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk region attackers stole the stroller of a child with a disability. This child’s mother Irina Dubina reported in Facebook.

“On the night of December 1 of the first entrance on street Usova, 15 stole the stroller of my “special” child. Can we do without it as without hands. I ask all concerned, friends and strangers, to help with the search. And suddenly…,” he turned to users of social networks the woman.


It was also reported that the driver of the car in Kharkiv brought down a carriage with the baby on the sidewalk. Five-month-old baby was hospitalized, but later it became known that he died in the hospital.

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