In DNR announced the state “malorossky language”

В ДНР объявили государственным "малоросский язык"

Also in Donetsk, wrote part of the Constitution for a new “state”.

In the NPT the so-called Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of income and fees Alexander Timofeev reported that one of the state languages of Ukraine will be the “little Russian language”. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

“Little Russia is a multinational state, the official languages are Russian and little Russian, while preserving the rights of regional languages” – led Timofeev excerpt from the constitutional act of the new state.

Targetimage told that little Russia is a Federal state and the “successor of Ukraine”.

“The very name Ukraine discredited. The capital of the Ukraine in the city of Donetsk”, – said the representative of DND.

We will remind, about creation of the new state Alexander Zakharchenko announced on July 18. He explained that in Donetsk came from the fact that the “Donetsk people’s Republic” along with the “Luhansk people’s Republic” remain the only territory of Ukraine, excluding the Crimea, which preserved the legitimate authority”.

At the same time in Russia believe that the statement Zakharchenko is not consistent with the Minsk process on the settlement of the conflict in the Donbass.

In DND questioned the plan for the Ukraine