In “DNR” began to “vote” paramilitaries

В "ДНР" начали "голосовать" военизированные формирования

“The members of the election Committee” began to carry “boxes” for “vote” for militias

In “the Republic” started “early voting”, the separatist media reported.

In Donetsk, began to “vote” on “election” of the head “DNR” and “deputies of the people’s Council” members of the paramilitaries. On Tuesday, November 6, separatist media reported.

Thus, in quoteresponse started “early voting”, despite calls from Kiev, the EU and the USA to abandon the “election”.

It is reported that the “bulletins” and a portable ballot box “vote” was taken to one of the military unit in Donetsk. There are three “a member of the electoral Commission to” explain to the members of the paramilitary formation “the procedure”, issued in the “bulletins” and follow the process of “voting”.

Is the process “early voting” will continue until November 10. That number ahead of time will be able to “vote” citizens who for good reason are not able to visit the “polls” 11 November, in particular the “soldiers of the Republic”.

As reported, the separatists announced the decision to hold the November 11, the so-called “elections” in “LDNR” a week after the death in Donetsk of the head “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko . In Moscow, then the holding of these “elections” has called “necessary in the current conditions measure.”

Kiev, EU, USA called the upcoming “elections” illegal and contrary to the Minsk agreements, calling to refuse them.

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