In Donetsk and Lugansk held their parades

В Донецке и Луганске прошли свои парады

The parade may 9, 2017 in Donetsk

The separatist DPR and the LPR on the occasion of may 9 Victory Day, held military parades and promotions Immortal regiment.

In Donetsk

In Donetsk today, may 9, a military parade was held in honor of the 72th anniversary of the victory in world war II and the Immortal regiment campaign.

В Донецке и Луганске прошли свои парады

The parade in Donetsk on 9 may 2017 (photo Dmitry Pavlenko)

В Донецке и Луганске прошли свои парадыThe parade in Donetsk on 9 may 2017 (photo Dmitry Pavlenko)

According to media reports, has been 50 to 80 units. A convoy of weapons headed the most famous tank of world war II T-34. The parade passed DNI soldiers and cadets of military school. A parade of separatist leaders, led by Alexander Zakharchenko.

According to hromadske TV, the parade was attended primarily by three units of each type of equipment – tanks, howitzers, APC, MTLB, MSTA-B, MLRS “Grad”.

In Lugansk

A parade in Luhansk took place on Theatre square, where, according to the organizers, gathered more than 10 thousand people.

According to the authorities, the LC, the Victory parade was attended by more than 60 units of military equipment and weapons and 1,200 fighters. Parade the head of the breakaway “Republic” Igor Plotnitsky.

A fragment of the parade:

For okonchaniyu parade also passed the action the Immortal regiment:

Earlier in the OSCE monitoring mission noted that the parade in Donetsk and Luhansk – the movement of heavy equipment and weaponry near the contact line contradicts the Minsk agreements.

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