In Donetsk, died and one of the founders DND Vladimir Makovecz. Biography

В Донецке умер один из основателей "ДНР" Владимир Макович. Биография

Vladimir Makovich

Vladimir Makovich was born in April 1962 in Donetsk. More than 10 years ago, he created the organization “Youth movement patriots”, which actually was one of the originators of the “Russian spring”. In 2005, a number of small organizations, vehemently advocated a close Alliance with Russia and support of Viktor Yanukovych. Subsequently many of the leaders of those movements have joined the so-called “Parliament DNR”.

Makovich was an active participant andukraine rallies in Donetsk. After the capture of the building of the Donetsk regional Council and regional state administration was formed the so-called “people’s Council”, whose speaker was None. 7 APR 2014 in the seized building, he read “Declaration of independence” psevdorespubliki.

He then moved to the position of Vice-speaker of the “Parliament DNR” and the speaker was Denis Putilin, who is now the representative of “DNR” at negotiations of the Trilateral contact group in Minsk.

With the participation of None of the “Supreme Council of DNR” appealed to the UN for recognition of sovereignty. He also insisted that the enterprises of Rinat Akhmetov pay taxes into the budget of the so-called “DNR”.

However, Pushilin didn’t spend long on the post of speaker, he wrote a letter of resignation and Makovecz became acting Chairman of the Presidium of the “Supreme Council of DNR”. However in this position, he worked for only 5 days.

None at the time were “the coat of arms and the flag of the DNI”.

В Донецке умер один из основателей "ДНР" Владимир Макович. Биография

In the summer of 2014 he was arrested by the militants due to suspicions of involvement in a situation that led to the death of the operator “First channel” Anatoly Clan, which together with the film crew came under fire. They went to the military unit, located under Avdiyivka. None of the accused that he never reported to “the leadership of the DNI” about the plans to deliver the bus to the military base. After this incident, he has not appeared in the top of the “DNR”. In the web you can find his interview where he talks about how he started the “Russian spring”. There is also a video where he acted in the unit, calling on the military to fight for “DPR”.

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