In Donetsk, facing the tram and the truck

В Донецке столкнулись трамвай и бензовоз

Of the accident

The accident occurred in the Kirov district of the regional center.

In Donetsk there was an accident involving a tram and a fuel tanker. In the accident injured a woman, according to the “MOE” of the separatists.

The accident occurred the evening of October 19 in the Kirovsky district at the intersection of Kirova street and Kronstadt.

“The driver of the tram, on the route No. 8, did not give way to the trucks, in consequence of which the collision occurred. The accident suffered by one person (the passenger of the tram, a woman, 1952), hospitalization refused”, – stated in the message.

В Донецке столкнулись трамвай и бензовоз

Of the accident. Photo:

As reported Корреспондент.netearlier in the Donetsk region in an accident killed three people. Accident to participation of cars VAZ and Chevrolet has occurred between intercession and Selidovo.