In Donetsk powerful explosion – media

В Донецке прогремел мощный взрыв – СМИ

The explosion in Donetsk (archive photo)

The sound was like an explosion of ammunition, and a volley of heavy artillery, the locals say.

This morning in Donetsk powerful explosion sounded. It was heard in different parts of the city, reports Today, citing local residents.

“At the beginning of the eighth shied so that the alarm on the car worked. We are at home in the Kuibyshev district jumped out of bed, thought the arrival at the house,” said donchanka Lily.

According to her, the sound was like an explosion of ammunition, and the barrage of some heavy artillery.

“Left the house in the Kalinin district, heard a dull sound from the North, as if shot from a tank or cannon. I hope to Avdeevka or Sand did not reach because of there fighters cover these points,” – said the Donetsk Yuri.

Residents of Donetsk also argue that, despite the declared truce, in the city almost every day we hear the sounds of artillery.

“At least once a day, but something to shoot. We’ve used that complete silence doesn’t happen. On Putilovka all “gupal” all the time. So no it’s not a truce, and the next it is unclear what”, – said the resident of Donetsk Alexander.

As reported Корреспондент.net2 February in Donetsk a powerful explosion in the district of “Motel”, which shuddered all areas of the city. Then the DNR said about the two dead and dozens wounded.

14 February, an explosion occurred at the Donetsk state factory of chemical products. Then one person died.

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