In Donetsk region from-for careless handling of explosive items today killed two citizens

В Донецкой области из-за неосторожного обращения с взрывоопасными предметами сегодня погибли двое граждан

The Deputy Head Of The National Police Of Ukraine Vyacheslav Abroskin

In the Donetsk region this morning, killing two people and four taken to hospital from-for careless handling of explosive objects. About this stated the head of GUNS in Donetsk region Vyacheslav Abroskin on the page on Facebook.

“Lovers of weapons, ammunition and explosives from day to day, continue to kill himself” – said Abroskin.

In Mirograd two men decided to see the device grenades. Both died, the sister of one of them severed his right hand and damaged the abdominal cavity.

In Bahmut, two men born 1988 and 1992, under the influence of alcohol hurled a grenade, both with injuries taken to hospital.

In the town of chasov Yar, a local resident, 1966 R., on the ground found a shell and tried to disassemble it. The man was hospitalized.

“We will continue the work directed on withdrawal from illegal circulation of weapons and ammunition. Apparently, we need an educational program for adults about the dangers of careless handling such dangerous items. Count on the adult consciousness is not necessary,” – said Abroskin.

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