In Donetsk, there was a sticker on stone

В Донецке появились наклейки о Стусе

Donetsk pasted leaflets with the image of Stus

Separatist-controlled Donetsk pasted leaflets with a picture of a bas-relief of Sisu, which was destroyed in Donetsk a few years ago.

In Donetsk, unknown pasted on city stickers with the image of fragments of the bas-relief of Vasyl Stus on one of the buildings of Donetsk national University, destroyed the NPT in 2015. On Monday, January 15, according to the Donbas.Realities with reference to local residents.

Reportedly, stickers appeared on Lenin square, the Avenue of Ilyich, street of Artem, as well as on the building of philological faculty of Donetsk national University and the monument to the Archangel Michael.

Recall that in may 2015 in the temporarily occupied Donetsk, the militants have dismantled the bas-relief of the Ukrainian human rights activist and poet Vasyl Stus on the body of the philological faculty of Donetsk national University.


In 2016, Donetsk national University, translated in Vinnitsa, was named after Vasyl Stus.

Earlier in the NPT, a Pro-Ukrainian leaflets, dedicated to the tragedy in Volnovakha.