In Egypt found a city older than seven thousand years

В Египте найден город возрастом более семи тысяч лет

Ancient city found near Abydos, famous for its temples and tombs of rulers

The history of the city dates back to the year 5316 BC.

Archaeologists have discovered in the historical region of Upper Egypt an ancient city and a cemetery was created, according to experts, in the year 5316 BC. The city was located approximately 400 metres from the Memorial temple of SETI I in the ancient city of Abydos.

At the site archaeologists have found huts, pottery and tools of stone. In addition, was discovered 15 graves, probably written for the important people. Some of them exceed in size even the tombs of the pharaohs, located nearby.

Believed to have lived in the city senior officials and builders of the tombs. Its heyday had at an early epoch in the history of Ancient Egypt.

Earlier in the pyramid of Cheops found an unknown emptiness.

According to the materials:

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