In Egypt found a large cache of sarcophagi

В Египте найден крупный тайник с саркофагами

In the necropolis in Luxor found more than 20 sealed sarcophagi

More than 20 of the sealed sarcophagi found in the necropolis near Thebes. The discovery is called one of the most important discoveries of recent years.

In Egypt archaeologists have discovered a cache of more than 20 sealed sarcophagi. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Find discovered near the city of Luxor in southern Egypt. There is a necropolis which was located near one of ancient Egyptian capitals – Thebes.

More than 20 wooden sealed coffins found in the necropolis of El-Asasif, which includes the valley of the Kings. On the sarcophagi preserved paint and printmaking. Archaeologists say that “the ancient Egyptians as if left them recently.” All the sarcophagi are placed on two levels of a large grave.

The current time in the valley of the Kings 63 known tombs of pharaohs. In the period 1550-1069 BC there were buried the pharaohs and of the nobility. Experts say that the discovery is one of the most important in recent years.

Earlier in Israel, was found a unique ancient metropolis. The Correspondent also wrote that scientists have uncovered the mystery of the ruins in the British forests.

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