In Egypt found the tomb intact

В Египте нашли нетронутую гробницу

A unique find

The tomb belonged to 5 dynasty of pharaohs, who ruled approximately 4400 years ago.

In Egypt, archaeologists found the intact tomb, with exceptionally well-preserved drawings, reports CNN.

The tomb was discovered South of Cairo, it has not been subjected to acts of looting.

According to the Minister of antiquities of Egypt Khaled al-Anani, a tomb was discovered at Saqqara, and 5 belonged to the dynasty of pharaohs, who ruled approximately 4400 years ago. Presumably, this is the reign of the Pharaoh Neferkare (2415-2405 years BC).

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Photos by Ahmed Romeih

— Ministry of Antiquities-Arab Republic of Egypt (@AntiquitiesOf) 15 December 2018.

The tomb belonged to a Royal priest, represented on its walls the process of making wine, pottery, ancient music performances, sailing, hunting, as well as the work of masters for the manufacture of furniture of the tombs.

We will remind that earlier in Egypt archaeologists have discovered a rare collection of mummified cats in the tombs of the Fifth dynasty of the pharaohs (about 2.5-2,35 thousand years BC).

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