In Egypt have discovered a huge ancient fortress

В Египте обнаружили гигантскую древнюю крепость

Age finds – about 2600 years

Ruins experts dated to the reign of the XXVI dynasty of the pharaohs. The width of the walls reaches up to 11 meters.

A group of archaeologists in Egypt have discovered the ruins of a large ancient fortress, which was built during the reign of the XXVI dynasty of the pharaohs. This happened before the Persian conquest, Dating to 525 BC. This writes Live Science.

Scientists have discovered on the walls of the citadel the traces of the fighting. They point to the clash between the Egyptians and serious enemy.

The building was built of brick, the thickness of its walls reaches 11 meters.

Also, archaeologists have found cameras that were filled with sand and broken pottery. Apparently, it was sewage.

South side of the fortress wall has a length of 85 meters, while as on the Western side of the citadel are the ruins of the houses. One of them was discovered an amulet with the name of king Psammetichus I drove the Assyrians from Egypt and United the country.

Earlier it was reported that a group of Indian archaeologists opened the tomb, whose age is 4 thousand years.

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