In England decided to use a new system of penalty kicks

В Англии решили использовать новую систему послематчевых пенальти

The system of penalty kicks were called ABBA.

In season 2017/2018 in tournaments organized by the English football League (championship, League 1, League 2 and League Cup), if necessary, subsequent changes to those results, we will use “system ABBA”.

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The essence of the system is the following: if now team breaks through a penalty shoot-out at a time – first team a, then team, then team a again team, a new system of priority, breaking the 11-meter, it will resemble a tie-break in tennis.

That is, after the first strike team And then the team will inflict two strikes in a row, after which the penalty will be twice the team and so on. The number of kicks by each team in post-match penalty shoot-out will continue to equal five.

A chance to see this system in action, the British will appear next week as the preliminary round of the English League Cup kicks off on August 8.

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