In England the judge forced players to play “rock, scissors, paper”

В Англии судья заставил футболисток играть в "камень, ножницы, бумага"

David McNamara was suspended from judging for three weeks

The judge forgot in the locker room a coin and asked the athletes to play ball with children’s games, in order not to delay the broadcast. In Association football resourcefulness was not appreciated.

The football Association of England has suspended a judge that made the players of the women’s League to play the ball before meeting with the children’s game “rock, scissors, paper”. On Wednesday, November 14, according to Bleacherreport.

The judge explained that before the women’s super League women’s match between Manchester city and reading referee David McNamara forgot in the locker room a coin to determine the team that begins the match. Not to return to the locker room and not to delay the TV broadcast, the referee asked the two captains to play “rock, scissors, paper”.

The head of women’s referees Committee of the Football Association Joanna Simpson did not appreciate the resourcefulness of the referee, calling his actions unprofessional.

“The rules of the game, you must flip a coin. This is not the case, which can be ignored”, she said.

As a result the Association suspended the referee from working for three weeks.

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