In Europe showed the most expensive banknote

В Европе показали самую дорогую банкноту

Banknote of 1000 francs new sample

Switzerland has introduced the most expensive in Europe bill. The banknote of 1000 francs of the new sample will also be the second value in the world.

Swiss national Bank presents banknote 1000 francs new model, which will be the most expensive bill in Europe and the second in value in the world (after the money in 10 thousand Brunei dollars), the press service of the Bank.

The bill, which will go into circulation on March 13, made in purple color scheme with the use of polymer fibers as other banknotes of the new, ninth series. The main theme of the design of banknotes – communication and language.

The new 1000-franc note

— Swiss National Bank (@SNB_BNS_en) March 5, 2019.

As reported, most EU countries stopped the production of banknotes of 500 euros. Banknote of 500 Euro will remain in circulation in the Eurozone. They can be used to calculate and savings and will always maintain its value.

Recall that the national Bank of Ukraine gradually ceases to print banknotes to 10 hryvnia, replacing them with coins, but bills of that denomination will be valid for an unlimited period of time.

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