In Europe today remember the victims of the longest in the First world war battle

В Европе сегодня вспоминают жертв самой длинной в Первой мировой войне битвы

In France and Germany today, 29 may, remember the victims of the longest battle of the First world war, known in history under the name “Verdun meat grinder”, reports the BBC.

It was planned that the President of France Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel together laid mourning wreaths on the graves of those killed in the battle of Verdun.

“An invitation from France to honor those who died in this battle shows how close were the relations between France and Germany today”, – said on the eve of Angela Merkel.

Note, historians are still arguing about the exact figures of the losses of the parties in the battle of Verdun.

According to rough estimates, about 300 thousand German and French soldiers were killed in battles in the North-East of France for 10 months, 1916.

The plan of the German Empire, fought on several fronts, was to a lightning fast operation with massive artillery support to the French army inflict maximum damage in manpower and thus bring France out of the war.

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Germany launched an offensive on 21 February, but the striking force of the German army was stopped on the outskirts of Verdun. The fighting was protracted, the parties alternately attempted breakouts, but could not move more than a few kilometers.

By the autumn of 1916, German troops finally went on the defensive, refusing further advances, and by the end of December, the French army regained the position taken in the beginning of the year.