In Exactly banned the concerts of the artists performing in Russia

В Ровно запретили концерты артистов, выступающих в России

Ani Lorak will not be able to come with tours in Rivne

The deputies decided to punish “unpatriotic” performers.

Ban on the performance of the artists actively touring in Russia, adopted in Rivne. For this decision voted by 24 deputies of the local Council, reports UNN.

It is reported that the deputies could not come to a compromise with regards to the names of the actors and singers who should not be allowed to come to the regional center. In the end, decided to request the Ministry of culture and SBU for exhaustive list of artists performing on the territory of the Russian Federation.

As reported Корреспондент.net, April 22 in Lviv forbade to speak to Pro-Russian actors.

In Mukachevo banned the Pro-Russian concerts artists