In Exactly stopped 9-year-old driver with a bag of drugs

В Ровно остановили 9-летнего водителя с пакетом наркотиков

The man put behind the wheel of his child

His father was sitting in the back seat and tried to hide the gun.

In Exactly the patrol stopped the car, at the wheel which was a 9 year old boy. About this Facebook informs the Patrol police Exactly.

As noted, the 33-year-old father in the passenger seat confirmed that he really put behind the wheel of his son. When a person at the request of the police searched their documents, the patrol noticed a subject similar to the weapon.

It turned out that no permits for the weapons of the citizen was not.

In addition, when the child asked to use the bathroom, dear boy tried to get rid of a package with 25 tablets of narcotic likely origin.

“The investigative team seized the subject similar to the weapon, as well as tablets.

The man patrolman made the report. The management of the car and the child was transferred to the wife of the offender, which arrived on a call the patrol at the scene. Following that case will deal with the investigators,” the police said.

Recall, through the checkpoint uhryniv Ukrainian tried to smuggle into Poland 27 kg of drugs.