In exchange dollar jumped to almost 29 hryvnia

Доллар в обменниках подскочил почти до 29 гривен

The dollar rose sharply in exchange

The hryvnia began to fall against the decision on the introduction of martial law. The interbank market also opened with the fall of the Ukrainian currency.

The selling rate of cash dollar in exchange offices of the Kiev banks on the morning of Tuesday, November 27, rose to almost 29 USD.

The selling rate of cash dollar increased by 84.2 per 28,8794 kopecks to UAH/USD, purchase – of 26.64 27,9677 kopecks to UAH/USD

The average rate of buying the Euro rose by 29.41 31,6484 kopecks to UAH/EUR, the selling rate rose to 85,25 COP. 32,8223 UAH/EUR.

At the same time, trading on the interbank market opened the dollar to 27.75-27,80 UAH. Compared to the close of trading on the previous working day, the value of the dollar rose by 10 kopecks in the purchase and 20 cents in the sale.

The value of the Euro increased by 6 kopecks in buying and 23 pennies in the sale – up to 31,68-31,85 UAH.

As reported, the hryvnia began to fall on the eve on the background of the decision to impose martial law.

The national Bank of Ukraine on November 27, lowered the hryvnia exchange rate by more than 10 cents to 27.89 hryvnia per dollar.


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