In Facebook, Instagram and Twitter large-scale failure

В Facebook, Instagram и Twitter масштабный сбой

The social network Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are experiencing massive failures around the world.

In the social network Facebook and messenger Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter and Tinder was a large-scale failure. On Wednesday, March 13, according to Downdetector.

In particular, most of the problems when working with Facebook had users from the US, Italy, UK and Poland. About problems with work Facebook Messenger more often reported in Poland, France, the UK and the USA.

In turn, failures in Instagram faced mainly in USA, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Denmark, Spain, Italy and France.

Also the complaints were sent to work Twitter mostly from users from the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States.

On Tinder also complained users in France, UK and Germany.

In addition, problems with Whatsapp noticed in Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Germany, UK and Austria.

Previously, the Google search system Google, mail Gmail and YouTube video interruptions were experienced around the world.

Recall that in late January, also suffered a major failure in the Gmail. The day before it was reported about crashes of Instagram.

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