In France, archaeologists have found “little Pompeii”

Во Франции археологи нашли "маленькие Помпеи"

In France, unearthed the city during the Roman Empire

Well preserved remains of houses and public buildings.

Archaeologists have found part of the ancient city during the Roman Empire near the French town of Vienne, informs TV channel France Info.

The city is found in the village of Sainte-Colombe, called the “little jenskimi Pompeii”. Scientists have found remains of houses and public buildings that are well preserved. People left the area during the fire, leaving their belongings.

Excavations in Sainte-Colombe, which was attended by 20 experts, began in April and was expected to last until mid-September. But due to the discovery of the ancient Roman city excavations have decided to extend until 15 December.

In the excavations, which stretches over seven thousand square meters, found remains of a Villa of the first century ad. On the walls preserved mosaics depicting the God of wine Bacchus and satyrs, and inside the furniture that remained standing in their places. The researchers plan to restore the house completely.

Mosaic, that are found at the site of the ancient city will be restored and exhibited in the Museum of the city of Vienne in 2019. By December, the archaeologists will be able to explore the lower part of the ancient city and hope to find on the lower levels of a unique ancient artifacts.

Previously, scientists showed looked like the ancient Roman city of Pompeii to the destruction from the eruption of the volcano.


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