In France are the primaries of the party “the Republicans”, determine the candidate

Во Франции проходят праймериз партии "Республиканцы", определяют кандидата в президенты

Francois Fillon, archive photo

In France, Sunday, November 27, passes the second round of early voting (primaries) to determine who will represent the party “the Republicans” in the presidential election in the country next spring. About it reports DW.

In the first round, which took place November 20, in the decisive round of voting were former Prime Ministers Francois Fillon and Alain Juppe. While Fillon significantly outpaced Juppe, who was considered a favorite – about 44% against 28%. The first round of primaries the conservatives also put an end to return to the political life of ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy – he took third place.

Before the second round is already a favorite Fillon polls predict him to 65% of the vote. It also recognized the winner of the televised debates between the two candidates, which occurred on November 24.

During the debates one of the topics that sparked a fierce dispute between Fillon and Juppe, was relations with Russia. Fillon, who was Prime Minister between 2007 and 2012 under President Sarkozy, considered a supporter of close cooperation with Russia, in particular in the fight against “Islamic state”. He also advocated the abolition of sanctions against Russia.

The centre-right for the first time use primaries to determine the presidential candidate. It is expected that the voting on 27 November, will involve millions of voters in the first round a week ago there were about four million at some polling stations even had a large queue.

It is expected that the winner of the primaries of the party “the Republicans” will meet in the spring in the second round of the presidential elections in a duel with the head of “National front” marine Le Pen. Incumbent President Francois Hollande has not yet announced whether to nominate his candidacy, but he is given little chance to win. Predict participation in the elections of the socialists acting Prime Minister Manuel Valls. Another contender that has a chance – Emmanuel Macron – from the political power En Marche ( “Forward!”).

Earlier, the Ambassador of Ukraine to France Oleh Shamshur, citing polls, said that the current French President Francois Hollande unlikely to be re-elected for a second term.