In France, confirmed the extradition of Abdeslam

Во Франции подтвердили экстрадицию Абдеслама

Abdeslem Salah, suspected of organizing the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015, was extradited to France, according to Reuters.

The extradition procedure was accompanied by high security measures. In Paris Abdeslam was transported by helicopter under armed guard.

The Minister of justice France Jean-Jacques Urvoas, commenting on the information about the delivery of suicide in the French capital, said that he would be kept in a maximum security prison.

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March 18, Abdeslam was arrested during a RAID by Belgian security services in the suburbs of Belgium. During the detention he was wounded in the leg, so the first day it was never questioned. But then he began to cooperate with the investigation and to testify, and later agreed to cooperate with the French authorities.

Latvia managed to hide from the police for four months. A warrant for his arrest was issued a day after the terrorist attacks in Paris.

A series of terrorist attacks in Paris occurred on the night of November 14, 2015. Militants staged several explosions near the Stade de France, opened fire near several cafes and seized the Bataclan concert hall. At the time of the attack at the concert hall, there were about 1.5 thousand people. In total from hands of terrorists killed more than 130 people, including 89 of them in Bataclan. Later the anti-terrorist operation was held in Brussels where arrested 9 people suspected of having links with terrorists. In addition, in Paris during the RAID was eliminated, the alleged organizer of the terrorist attack Aboud Abdel.

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Two explosions thundered at the international airport of Brussels on the morning of 22 March. The third explosion occurred later at the subway at the station “Maalbeek”. As a result of explosions in Brussels, 31 persons were killed, 316 injured. Responsibility for attack was assumed by the terrorist group ISIS.