In France may introduce a state of emergency

Во Франции могут ввести чрезвычайное положение

As a result of riots during the fuel protests on Saturday, police have detained 378 people, injured 133 people.

The French authorities can declare a state of emergency because of the protests in Paris, according to Reuters.

According to the representative of the French government Benjamin Hryvnia, the initiative proposed in order to prevent the repetition of mass riots.

“We have to think about the measures that can be taken to prevent similar incidents,” he said.

As a result of riots during the fuel protests on Saturday 1 December, police detained 378 people, injured 133 people.

All the police detained more than 400 people, but detention was 378. In addition, among the 133 injured 23 police officers.

Throughout the day Saturday, the center and West of the French capital became the scene of street confrontations.


Protesters erected barricades, burned cars, smashed shop Windows, clashed with police and groups of protesters.

“It was a strategy that is managed by professionals of disorder, masters of their craft,” said the interior Minister Christoph Kastner.

We will remind that the President of France Emmanuel macron said he will punish the people who organized Saturday, December 1, in the center of Paris.