In France off nuclear power units due to heat

Во Франции отключают энергоблоки АЭС из-за жары

One of the reasons for stops exceeding the temperature of the water that dropped a nuclear power plant.

In France, due to the extreme heat had to stop the operation of the four reactors at nuclear power plants. It is reported by Le Parisien on Saturday, August 4.

So, the fourth block that had to stop was the power plant in Fessenheim. One of the reasons for the stop was exceeding the temperature of the water that a nuclear power plant dumps in the Grand canal of Alsace.

A little earlier, had to stop one unit at the plant of Saint-Alban and two units at the nuclear power plant Bugey.

Previously in Finland on a nuclear power plant in Olkiluoto was down two reactors because of a fire. Due to the shortage of electricity in the country was getting ready to plug in spare generating capacity.

It was also reported that on July 24 in Belgium and Romania almost simultaneously shut down the reactors in nuclear power plants.