In France searched the headquarters of McDonald’s

Во Франции обыскали штаб-квартиру McDonald's

The French authorities suspect that the Corporation understated its tax payments

During the search were seized documents.

The French authorities on may 18 raided the headquarters of the network of fast food restaurants McDonald’s near Paris, said police sources.

Sources report that during the searches were seized documents. Searches have become part of the investigation of suspicions of tax evasion.

Authorities suspect that the Corporation understated their tax payments by turning a portion of the proceeds from activities in France to Luxembourg.

In Luxembourg, the company McD Europe Franchising. The company is interested in presenting his French Department of higher bills for the use of the brand and other services. Thus, the income derived in a country where taxes are lower.

A preliminary investigation on the case started earlier this year.

French media reported that the authorities have charged the Corporation the expense of 300 million euros (336 million dollars) in unpaid taxes.

McDonald’s said that for a long time all said on the issue of his tax liabilities and add nothing to the company. The company said that the Corporation is one of the country’s largest taxpayers.

In may, the searches also took place at the Google headquarters in Paris. The case is also linked to tax evasion.

Source: Russian service Bi-bi-si