In France the far-right leader marine Le Pen got into the top 50 of the most popular people in the country

Во Франции лидер ультраправых Марин Ле Пен попала в рейтинг 50 самых популярных людей страны

Marine Le Pen

In France, the French far-right leader marine Le Pen entered the rating of 50 most popular personalities in the country according to the survey, which is conducted by the French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche, reported by the “Correspondent”.

In the ranking of the most popular personalities Le Pen took the 37th place, ahead by five points his opponent in the upcoming presidential elections in France, the Republican candidate, former Prime Minister françois Fillon, who was on the 42nd place.

Presidential candidate, former economy Minister in the government of françois Hollande, Emmanuel macron took 46th place in the ranking. According to the publication, the most popular man in the country was a French actor and comedian Omar Sy.

Recall that marine Le Pen had previously stated that he supports the withdrawal of France from the European Union. She also said that if he wins the presidential elections, recognize Crimea as Russian.