In Germany abruptly disappear insects – scientists

В Германии резко исчезают насекомые – ученые

Over the past 30 years, the number of insects in Germany decreased by 76%.

The number of winged insects in Germany over the last 30 years has decreased by about 76%. To such conclusion scientists from Germany, the Netherlands and the UK from 1989 to 2016 studying insects in the 63 conservation areas in Germany.

The results of a study published 19 October in a special online edition of Plos One. Scientists have been placed in the reserves and sticky traps were regularly measured biomass caught thus insects.

It has long been known about the gradual extinction of butterflies and bees in Europe and North America. However, the study gives first evidence that many types of flying insects in danger of extinction, said one of the study’s authors Kaspar Hallman from the Dutch University of Nijmegen. According to him, the overall biomass of insects is much greater than was assumed until now.

In the study, the researchers has not spoken about the possible causes of extinction of insects. They only pointed to the fact that many protected areas in Germany surrounded by farmland, and its negative role could be played by pesticides.

On Thursday the results of their research published by the Union of environment protection of Germany (NABU). According to environmentalists, the number of bird pairs with offspring in the period from 1998 to 2009 decreased by 12.7 million (15%).

Previously, scientists have discovered cave in the national Park “Sequoia” in California a new species of millipedes, of which there are 414 feet, 200 poisonous glands and penis four.

Source: Russian service of DW