In Germany arrested a spy from Switzerland

В Германии задержали шпиона из Швейцарии

The German police arrested in Frankfurt am main 54-year-old Swiss citizen Daniel M. German Authorities believe that he and 2012 was carried out on the territory of the German espionage activities in favor of a foreign state, reports DW.

Stated that Daniel M. an employee of the Swiss intelligence service and has worked for many years in Germany, getting information about the financial and banking sector. He was sent to Germany after the German tax authorities began to outbid the database of Swiss banks, which contain information about customers from Germany. The German authorities thus fought against tax evaders.
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It is also known that the task of the Swiss spy, apparently, was to set specific employees who are engaged in the purchase of databases.

It is reported that German regional authorities began to pay for such information about defaulters since 2006. In particular, they spent millions of euros on a database of German clients in Swiss banks as UBS, Credit Suisse and Julius Bär. They managed to return to the Treasury of several billion euros. In part these processes were involved in the German intelligence service.
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According to the newspaper, the actions of the German tax authorities provoked a diplomatic conflict between Germany and Switzerland. Moreover, the Swiss authorities had even issued a warrant for the arrest of several employees of the German tax authorities.

Earlier it was reported that in Germany began an official investigation into the espionage of the Turkish secret services in Germany.

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